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Anna Sui Spring 2020 Runway

Anna Sui Spring 2020 Runway: VICTORIANNA
Leemythic : I love it, i feel it expressed her attitude in the climate of fashion at the time
Noel Morata : what ever she is wearing she's so stuningly beautiful with a class n greace..she is the princes of the Catwalk#ADUT ACHEK!♡♡♡♡#ANNA SUI
Enchanted Observer : Hair, shoes, music I totally vibe. The color palette is tough for my wintry soul and exterior.
?얼린아리수 : boring..
maria : anna sui
Miguel Matos Official :
Marie Fuentes : Yasmin the girl can walk
Nancy García : OMG Mariana Zaragoza orgullosamente mexicana .
jayc gylsen : Anna back on track mixing hippy boho vibe!!!!

Diving Into the Serious Strange Situation of Anasui's Sex

**11/16/2019 UPDATE: The question was asked and here is Araki's answer

BMG: Ginpatsu no Shonen, Mell - Red Fraction, His Name is Anasui
Burrito Man : But that’s just a theory a gay theory
MichelangeloVA : I'm just mentally preparing myself for when part 6 eventually gets an anime. Because this, Pucci skin color, and that one scene with the Klan is I know for sure gonna make Twitter warriors heated.
SofieEpic : honestly really prefer annasui as a boy though i think. then again, that’s all i know
Log Man Comments : Actually, Annasui could've changed gender with his stand, which is pretty cool and lucky of Araki
funny angry man : Extremely simple answer: Anasui is a guy, but most likely changed his bone structure into one looking like a women to fit in better to Jolyne. Anasui even says that she can use Diver Down to change her bone structure. You can watch Harmon Beat’s video on debunking Araki forgot for stone ocean.
Zay kitsu artist : I haven't read part 6 yet, but i would of preferred to see what araki was originally gonna do
Pannacotta Fugo : ok so... nobody gonna question why the thumbnail is anasui going "nya~"
David Babineau : Do you think with all the changes in the world since stone ocean was written, Anasui could stay a woman in the eventual stone ocean anime?
Pekkaclash MiRaGen : The part when u said about jonathans metamorphosis to a brick fucking wall was soooo fucking funny, but if u put a pause at the end of it, i wouldve stopped breathing and have a seizure from laughing, the photos were perfect for this. 0:21

"Victorianna": Anna Sui Spring Summer SS20 Campaign

Directed by | Jeannie \u0026 Chase Sui Wonders
Starring | Sara Grace Wallerstedt
Cinematographer | Cory Fraiman-Lott
Production Design | Daniel Prosky
Hair | Jordan Sparks for R+Co
Makeup | Tatyana Makarova
Stylist | Amy Doughtery
Casting | Thomas Miller




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